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Result Proven Training

Real estate training and real estate coaching covering every area of need that is fully-comprehensive, time-tested, and proven to generate success for any real estate agent is what we have to offer you. Jumpstart your ERA career with us!

First Class Support

Whether you are a new agent, experienced agent,   top producer, or a team manager/leader, our real estate training and coaching programs can and will help you generate a larger degree of success (with less effort) in your real estate career.

Sharing Culture

Real estate business can be lonely for some. At ERA Platinum, you will never be alone. Be it you are in the HDB, private condo, landed, commercial, industrial, project marketing, our sharing culture has been the one thing that make real estate agents a all-rounder in different aspect of real estate

Team Building

For real estate team manager/leader, building your real estate team is so much easiler. With the wild variety of training, support and IT tools, you will just need to focus on building your team and leverage on the system to support your team

Are you working too hard and not getting the rewards you derserve?

We can help! Let us help you with your direction for your real estate career.

Be it residential, commercial, industrial, project marketing. Our team at ERA Platinum have all the expertise in helping agents to breakthrough.

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We are always looking out for people to join our dynamic and successful agency.era-career
Choosing to work at ERA is one of the most rewarding and exciting decisions you can make.
After all, you will be joining the #1 Preferred Real Estate brand in Singapore with more than 30 years of history.
At ERA, you can be sure you will have the best tools and training to accomplish the success  you have always dreamed of.
ERA salespersons also profit from an array of professional sales and training programs to develop themselves and further their careers.
Whether you are a new or experienced salesperson, we are committed to empowering you with the necessary skills and knowledge to achieve your goals. We listen to your needs and we will help you grow personally and professionally.

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ERA – Largest Real Estate Agency In Singapore With International Network


As all marketers know #1 branding helps to create more opportunities;

ERA global brand & well-known household presence, elevates our Associates to superior marketing position by consumers confidence & awareness;

Because of ERA international & strong local presence, our Associates gain more confidence from consumers, more 2% exclusives listings, thus more sales income and money

Read more on how ERA branding & International Network can help you

Structure Training For Agents Of All Levels

Weekly Training


Top achievers work differently.
 The reality is, simply to outsmart your competitors by placing yourself in the upper echelon of selling. It is not about working crazy long hours. However, discipline, knowledge, and techniques will catapult you very quickly into the top 10 percent of all salespersons.

With a constant quest for knowledge and desire to become a better professional salesperson, Power Monday provides you the formula to become Top Achievers. Your Mondays will never be blue again.

IMPACT is a series of continual trainings for professional transformation.
IMPACT features professional speakers who have both the experience and knowledge in market intelligence, market practice, professionalism and most importantly share how to use these valuable knowledge to close more deals effectively.
Learn from others’ experiences and mistakes to better escalate yourself to greater career success.


The way people run businesses and their lives should not be ignored by salespersons who seek advancements. The mass infusion of digital applications through connected services and devices, are providing to be powerful tools for delivering services and information.

By embracing digitisation, we believe real estate professionals can acquire competitive advantage.

This is significantly important as consumers demand surgical precision, high efficiency and staggering productivity from salespersons. Salespersons may choose to actively use digital tools if they want to capture more market share.

RED – Real Estate Dynamics


A comprehensive weekly training series designed by real estate leaders, veterans and experts for ERA teammates. The focus and objective is to better equipped teammates for day-to-day challenges and uncertainties they may encounter. Conducted through case studies and discussion to allow better learning experience.

Leadership Training

LDP is a Leadership Program tailored for all associates who aspire to build their own team. With more than 13 years in the running, this program has benefited more than 2,000 participants – Most of whom have gone on to lead their own successful teams.

Expect mental and physical challenges as our expert trainers groom you through a series of systematic training.

Many have harvested the benefits of the Leadership Development Program. We are so confident of this program that we guarantee you will reap the benefits from the onset.

Strategies & Technique Training


After several rounds of cooling measures and the introduction of TDSR, the real estate market seems to be finally slowing down. The cooling measures, together with global instability are factors expected to be major concerns for property buyers and investors in months to come.

To stand out among the competitions and sell effortlessly like a Rockstar agent. You can achieve it with:

    • 5-Step Sales Performance System to Boost Your Business
    • 5 Unconventional Marketing Strategies That Generate Leads
    • 3-Stage Advanced Negotiation Techniques to Close Deals Effectively

Agents will never reach their true potential unless they change their paradigm and focus on the much preferred system, techniques and strategies.

Pinnacle Plus


The phrase “beating the market” might sound like an expression better suited to CEOs and Executives than real estate agents. If you think about it, overcoming the challenging effects of growing competition and market forces are the essences of good strategies – what separates winners from losers.The essence of strategies is making wise choices about where and how to execute them. In Pinnacle+, we examine the dynamics of big market movements, Government land sales and Master Plans to identify on where the opportunities are and what strategies to adopt. Whether you are looking for investments or knowledge to add value to your clients, you will definitely want to hear the views and insights of veteran real estate dealmakers, leaders and investors whose opinions have been highly sought after.Pinnacle+ is not to be missed. Allow this specifically crafted seminar to ace you to the next level of success.

Online Marketing Domination

era-platinum-online-marketingDiscover what the top producers DO NOT want you to know how they to get leads online easily. Online Marketing Domination is a series of training from concept, web creation, traffic generation, lead conversion, search engine optimization SEO. Step-by-step instruction on how to perform each task. Even beginners can do it. From concept to practical. Getting leads online has never been so easy

Platinum TOP Gear Training

Do you know that there are goldmine in the TOP project? For agents working on rentals, TOP projects create the most rental transaction in the market. Agents doing TOP projects are also expanding their network of investors in the market

Many agents may have attempted but do not see success. Discover the secret of how to make money in TOP projects and get ahead of your competitors. The training are conducted by producers that had make money in the TOP project sectors.

SuperCharged New Project Marketing (4 Days)


New Projects is the ability to market and sell in these 3 crucial phases: the pre-launch, launch and post launch (remaining units).

Master the art of presentation, negotiation and closing, and learn how to effectively tailor your marketing strategies for each phase in order to maximise your returns. ERA are marketing agency of more than 50 projects, such as visionaire ec, wandervale ec, inz residence ec , Le Quest Condo and many more. You can always put the skill set learn in the program  immediately by marketing all the ERA projects.

The SNP program will be conducted over a course of 4 days by ERA’s esteemed Division Directors. The program aims to strengthen fundamental marketing concepts and polish sales techniques. This is an excellent opportunity for new salespersons to gain a sound understanding of the New Projects arena, and for experienced salespersons to learn how to take their skills to the next level.

Ultimate Commercial Workshop (4 Days)


Ever fumbled while handling a non-residential deal?
Know anyone who is keen on investing in commercial properties?
Do you know 37% of our clients may want to buy commercial / industrial properties?
Create your business plan such that you only work on weekday 9 to 6pm!

4 full days of intensive commercial / industrial by national best selling author Roy Chong

Expert Realtor


Become an expert in guiding your client through the property transaction process. A client may quote SSD, ABSD, MSR, and TDSR as obstacles to their property sales and purchases. However, an Expert Realtor will be equipped with out-of-the-box solutions to effectively deal with all of our client’s challenges.

You will get to know
– 3 biggest secrets why agents lose deals without even knowing
– Highly effective techniques to engage non-investors to invest
– Rarely shared investment strategies for anyone including HDB owners
– High level purchase solution for buyers who face obstacles
-Unheard of yet proven methods to secure your next solutions

EPIC – Exclusive Presentation Intensive Course

era-epicExclusive presentation not only allows clients to understand the real benefits to work with ERA agents but also to help them work out a pricing strategy in order to help them sell at the optimum price. But many agents struggle to secure 2% exclusive listing effortlessly and many could not overcome the tough objections sellers hurl at them.

            • Formula to secure exclusives under 10 minutes
            • Acquire exclusive listings at a minimum fee of 2%
            • Simple to learn yet powerful closing techniques
            • Prescribed steps and templates to secure exclusives
            • Steps to objection handling to make sellers say YES willingly

HDB 360


Become a well-rounded HDB producer when you attend HDB 360. HDB sale volume is one of the most consistent in the market, with 70 to 80% of the population staying in HDB flats. Discover which of the over 20 HDB estates in Singapore you should penetrate to develop a consistent stream of good income. You’ll learn
– Key factors to determine your Goldmind-GTA
– Expert blueprint to penetrate a GTA
– Financial Planning for sale & purchase
– Robust business system for consistent 5-figure income

First Class Support For The Agents

Platinum Automated Lead Generator

era-platinum-automated-lead-generatorAre you looking for a system which can help you to generate leads even when you are having quality time time with your family, having your meals or even sleeping ? ERA Platinum have newly Launch a system which will enable you to automatically generate leads even when you are out having viewing and serving your clients .


era-isubmission-for-agentsFrustrated with too much paperwork? Forget to bring important documents to close the deal? Not very good in filling your document?
Now such problem will be a thing of a past!

ERA i-submission can allow you to

          • Clinch your next exclusive using your IPAD/Tablet
          • Submit their listing and post their photo on location
          • Close your next deal with minimum or NO paperwork

MyERA Portal

MyERA Portal allows you at any place at anytime!
Monitor and track personal sales transaction
Track team performanceManager Team HR
Check ERA Event
Manage business transaction
Estamping, resalenet submission
and more…


i-eraAll ERA listing will be displayed in this apps! This is a powerful apps whereby consumers and co-broke agent get to call you from the listing display.
ERA agents get to do internal cobroking easily with this technology
The app also provide you with property calculator whereby it is instrumental when doing financial calculation for your client!

ERA SGProject App


As a markets’ leader in project market, ERA SGProject App provide your with live information of new launch project! Regardless of core or non-core team members, you get to access the latest information of any project marketed by ERA live!
With this apps,
– You get the details of all projects marketed by ERA
– Get “LIVE” updates on project sales
– Get INSTANT up-to-date prices and availabilities
– Search for available units based on your client requirment
– Get the floor plan and site plan of the project
– Find project core team members to serve your buyer
– Manage your client database
– and many more …

One To One / Group Coaching Session

Besides all the training, the managers / team leaders will have a one-to-one session to coach you if you seek to have further breakthrough. The coaching session helps you to find your direction, identify your blind spot as well as making your strength work for you.

Sharing Culture – Platinum Monthly Spirit Of Sharing Session


At ERA Platinum, our culture are a sharing culture. Every month, the team leaders and managers will be sharing on the latest marketing trending, where is the money for the agents and latest opportunities for the agents. Producers will be sharing on how they prospect for client, presentation and closing technique. Case studies are use for sharing purpose too. At ERA Platinum group, agents are diverse in different expertise, HDB, Condo, Landed, Commercial, Industrial, Project marketing. Thus, it is a great platform for the agents to leverage on each other expertise.

What Our Agents Say

Roy Ong

My experience as a agent with ERA Platinum has been remarkable! I like the super positive environment while being challenged at the same time. From my very first day of join Era, I was given a warm welcoming and I knew I was in the right place. It’s a blessing that the training here are of high standard, content are practical with the objective of helping us to make more money. The support of the ERA Platinum group are marvellous. All the leaders are working hard to create a platform to support agents doing all different aspect of real estate!

I am also thankful that I get the result I want and also manage to win the award to travel to Japan to attend ERA Japan Business Conference. Thank you ERA, Thank you ERA Platinum Group

Roy OngBranch Division Director
Kimberly Chew

What I like about ERA Platinum Group? I am continuously surrounded by support, caring people, the tools and resources to achieve success. The training and support are simply unbelievable. Besides all this, the bonding of the agents are great! All work very hard and play very hard as well.
The leaders in ERA Platinum are talented in all different aspect such as TOP project, project marketing, commercial and industrial, HDB, rental business. With ERA Platinum, I do not just get support / one to one coach from one team leaders but from5 expereince team leaders of different strength and expertise. Thank you ERA Platinum Group.

Kimberly ChewSenior Marketing Director
Sing Yee

With tons of positive energy, ERA Platinum Groups’ leaders are so committed to your success! Besides the training and support, I like the group’s direction to get everyone prepared to do online marketing. Agents who have completely no IT experience benefit the most from the Online Marketing Domination modules, and I’m one of them!  Real estate is a competitive business that needs a very strong mindset. If you are looking to partner up with positive team members and leaders who are willing to share, Platinum will be the family for you!

Sing YeeSenior Marketing Director
Wei Ming

Result speak the best, when I join ERA Platinum Group as a new agent, I close my case in a  short period  of time. My first transaction is an INDUSTRIAL rental case! The diverse training and support in ERA Platinum allows me to choose my real estate path as in Residential or Non Residential. I have to say the training are practical and to the point to help agents close case

Wei MingSenior Marketing Manager
Yuan Song

It is very easy for me to conduct my real estate business. I am mainly focusing in commercial and industrial. When comes to residential, the residential agents are willing to share their knowledge with me.
The Online Marketing Domination has started off to get leads online which is so much easiler. The “Platinum Automated Leads Generator” is another great tools for me to get leads. I can see that every month the leaders are creating new initialive to help the agents! Thank you ERA Platinum!

Yuan SongBranch Division Director
Ethan Lee

I am an industrial agents, after I join ERA Platinum, we are given lots of opportunities in different sector of real estate. After attending the Supercharge New Project Marketing (4 days intensive training), I had make more than $40k in a project marketing….. Not bad for a beginner in project marketing. I am someone that is not exposure to online marketing, after I attend the online marketing domination, it is changing the way I run my business.

Ethan LeeAssociate Division Director

Let’s meet to discuss on your next breakthrough